My goal is to facilitate the paradigm shift in healthcare from a find and it and fix mentality to optimal wellness strategies. Integrative Healthcare is my life’s work.
— Lourdes Lorenz


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National and Regional Speaking Engagements:


2014    American Holistic Nurses Association’s 35th  National Conference .Holistic Nurse Prep Course.. (post-conference workshop). (June 2014)

2014.  Holistic Nursing Modalities: Merging Research into Everyday Clinical Practice. 39th Oncology Nursing Society Congress, May 1-4, Anaheim, CA (Poster Presentation)

2014.  North Carolina Board of Nursing. Speaking at the NCBON Education Summit in Chapel Hill, Self-Care. (April 7th, 2014)

2013.  UNC Medical Schoo1. UNC course on "Principles and Practices of CAM", Title: The Future of Integrative Health Care -- How to Get There(December 2nd, 2013).

2013. Concord Holistic Nursing Conference. Cultivating the Healer Within. Path to Compassion:  Walking the Labryrinth of Your Mind (November 18th, 2013).

2013.  North Carolina Nurses Association Nurse Practitioner Annual State-wide Conference. Developing Stress Resilience (March 27th, 2013).

2013.  National meeting for American Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Successful Approach for Incorporating Integrative Health Modalities in an Inpatient Setting (March 18, 2013)

2012.  American Holistic Nurses Association National Conference . Integrating Integrative Health in the Inpatient Setting (pre-conference workshop). (June, 2012)

2012.  5th Annual Partnering Western Medicine and Integrative Healthcare Southeastern Regional Conference- Multidisciplinary, Thriving in an Era of ACOs and PCMHs.

2010   American Holistic Nurses Association National Conference . Stepping Stones to an Integrative Health Care Program. (pre-conference workshop). (June 2010)

2010.  Healing Touch Program Worldwide National Conference, Integrating Healing Tough in an Inpatient Setting. (August, 2010).