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The Holistic Nursing course focuses on the Core Curriculum for Holistic Nursing and outlines the knowledge

required for holistic nursing practice and certification.  Emphasis is placed on preparing for the holistic nursing

practice and certification exam (HM-BC, HNB-BC, AHN-BC), and the content may serve as a resource for

registered nurses who serve as clinicians, educators, and researchers. 

Nurses are taught The Scope and Standards of Holistic Nursing Practice and the Core Values of Holistic

Nursing. The Webinar series is comprised of eight 3-hour sessions or six 4-hour sessions. Registration

begins at 5:45pm CST during the week (6:00pm-9:15pm (includes 15 min break) for all sessions except last

Day 8) and times may vary on the weekends depending on students’ requirements. The time may vary

depending on the location of the majority of the attendees i.e. EST versus CST. The cost for the course is

Holistic Nurses Webinar 8-Week Course is $500 and will provide participants with 24.16 CNEs.

Course Information Document (Please read before registering)