Dealing with Sensory Overload

The modern world is full of inputs. We go from screen to screen all day. We are bombarded with information.  Nurses are also dealing with stressful situations and information as they move from patient to patient.  Because we are always reacting to the stimulus of our environment we loose touch with ourselves. Our bodies are processing inputs and our mind is trying to catch up. This situation results in sensory overload and makes it impossible to feel like our best selves. 

When you feel stressed and need a calm mind, try focusing on the sensations around you—sights, smells, sounds, tastes, touch… This will help you focus on the present moment, giving you a break from your worries.

Breathe in fresh air.

Snuggle under a cozy blanket.

Listen to running water.

Sit outdoors by a fire-pit, watching the flames and listening to the night sounds.

Take a hot shower or a warm bath.

Get a massage.

Cuddle with a pet.

Pay attention to your breath. 

Burn a scented candle.

Wiggle your bare feet in overgrown grass.

Stare up at the sky.

Lie down where the afternoon sun streams in a window.

Listen to music.

These are just a few ideas. Find what works for you. Turn off the screens and be in the here and now and you will feel better and be able to approach situations with a new perspective.