Take a Deep Breath

Feelings are an emotional state or reaction. But feelings are not facts. When are bodies live in a feeling they assume it is a fact. We react when we are worried about a bill in the same way we would react if a tiger were chasing us. The stresses of modern life and our instinctual reactions are not always in sync. Ignoring your feelings however produces even greater stress.



Learning to self sooth so that your excess emotions are tamed can help. Modulating emotions allows you to not be held hostage by unruly feelings. If we can begin to do this ourselves then we are better equipped to help others.


Many of these techniques work because of a  concept called Reciprocal Inhibition which means that two emotions cannot occupy the same space at the same time. You cannot feel angry and happy at the same time. When you choose or create a positive emotion over a negative one, you feel better.


A great way to start is with deep breathing. When we are in a scared mode it is instinctual to hold your breath and to tighten up your body. You can use your breath to feel strong and more powerful.  Breath in through your nose for seven seconds, hold for four seconds and breath out through your mouth for eight seconds.  Do this for a few minutes and your stress will melt away.