Why Self Care Is Important To Nurses

Nurses are taught to care for others; they find purpose and self esteem in their ability to help others and be empathetic . However, nurses often express reluctance to take the time required to care for themselves. Some nurses express difficulty finding self-care activities that match their interests. Nurses are often active people and sitting down to meditate seems boring. Or taking time for oneself is  easily assimilated into their lives. They have family and other obligations.  Yet self-care can help one cope with stressors inherent to both practicing nurses and nursing students that can lead to exhaustion, tension, and fatigue. These problems can lead to making mistakes, poor morale at work and eventually burn out.

The principle of self-care is a critical component of holistic nursing. Holistic nurses recognize that they cannot facilitate healing unless they are in the process of healing themselves. Being a sponge for other people’s feelings leaves no space for their own. The process of release and let go is important. The first step is listening to yourself and believing that you deserve to be cared for. To learn more about self care sign up for a Holistic Nursing Prep Course.