Choose to Be Happy


Circumstances do not make you happy. You make you happy. Each day we strive to choose happiness. Nurses are in a difficult position, many times they do not have control over what happens around them.  A good nurse is empathetic and with that empathy we sometimes absorb other peoples feelings as own. 

You can choose to take responsibility for your life. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs experiences, and behavior are all deeply part of you. You can choose to be happy. 

You can choose to change your perspective and see things differently differently including new possibilities and options.

You can choose to hopeful rather reacting in fear. When we see things from another’s perspective we can be inclusive and caring.

We can be the conduit for peace over conflict and love over fear.

When we listen to music that inspires and fulfill us we dance in our hearts. 

When we see the whole person we are caring for we can acknowledge them and ourselves. We can choose to love. 

We can choose joy and let it be contagious. .

Choosing to see problems as opportunities, challenges and gifts can be a challenge in itself. One we can take on with a glad heart. 

Choosing to forgive and let go of judgments and grievances is true freedom.  

Lt's choose to be positive and optimistic and to be loving and giving and to join with others. We are appreciative and grateful for both small and big things/experiences in our lives.  

Let's discover, listen to and follow our inner desires and  explore our purpose in life.

We cannot always change what happens in our life however we can choose how we respond to what life gives us. Choose happiness and peace. That is the key to nurse wellness and we can do it together.