Reflections on AHNA Conference

Reflections on AHNA Conference

This year’s AHNA conference was focusd on Healthcare: Grounded in Holistic Nursing.

It was so exciting to see many so many like-minded nurses together celebrating Holistic 

Nursing.  Many more nurses are discovering Holistic Nursing as evidenced by all of the 

new attendees to the conference this year. I have found AHNA’s conferences are unique 

as compared to other nursing conferences.  I always feel welcomed and connected to all 

of the attendees.  It's like coming home.

Currently in healthcare, we are in a pivotal time where holistic nurses have the 

opportunity to reinvent themselves.  Throughout these past several years, I have noticed 

nurses that are ready to make changes in the way they practice.  The time is now, for re-

creating new roles in the outpatient setting.  Nursing is moving towards community 

health and minimizing population health risks.  Many healthcare organizations that have 

outpatient clinics will be developing roles for nurses as case managers, care coordinators, 

and nurse coaches.  Being grounded in holistic nursing is essential for recognizing the 

patient as a physical, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual being.

I invite everyone to attend next year's conference in Bonita Springs, Florida!