Recently I had the privilege of teaching the holistic nurse certification prep course in 

Louisville Kentucky.  There were 22 nurses who attended the course and 11 were nurses 

that were selected by Norton healthcare system leaders. The more I teach the class in 

different cities throughout the United States, the more similarities I find with nurses 

struggling with the time constraints in their work.  The nursing profession has been so 

focused on implementing new technology, that it is creating a barrier for nurses to connect 

and care for the patients at the bedside.

Holistic nursing is a solution that provides tools for nurses to create  more meaningful

connections and positive experiences with patients.  Holistic nursing incorporates holistic modalities  

that increases comfort to patients. Many times as nurses we get so task oriented, that we forget

that the patient is a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, etc. I believe when we are task oriented,

we become mindless to the fears and anxieties of our patients. Having tools to ground and center 

ourselves helps us to create those meaningful connections with our patients.

Some of the comments that the nurses who attend the class, reflected this need for 

connecting with others. Below are comments made by the students that attend this class: 

“All nurses need to go through holistic program and gain certification, it will help them 

become more compassionate in nursing. This class will enhance my nursing practice, 

relationships, and remind me to increase my empathy and treat patients like my most 

precious family member."

"This class allowed me to realize some of the practices I do are holistic. It reaffirms my 

thought processes and opens my eyes to another aspect of nursing.  I realize the more 

present in the moments I am, I recognize what a privilege it is to share that with my 


“ These past three days, I've learned about the importance of self-care, self reflection, and 

techniques to help heal myself body, mind, and spirit. We need to heal the healers!"

“This course has provided tools to sharpen my ability to be present and listen to my 

patient. It has also encouraged me to create a sacred space with my patients and 

connecting with them in a more meaningful way."