Strategy #1- Creating a Culture Shift for Integrative Health/ Medicine

Strategy #1- Creating a Culture Shift for Integrative Health/ Medicine 

This strategy is very important because it will help determine if the Integrative 

Health Initiative will move forward and thrive. There is a great deal of research, 

information-gathering and internal assessments to be done before creating a 

culture shift.  The process should be methodical, intentional, and include key 

steps for moving forward.

Step 1

Locate champions in leadership positions such as physicians, nurses, and 

executive team members who recognize and support the benefit of Integrative 

Health (IH) to the patients’ experience.  Once the champions are identified, 

create a meeting to brainstorm strategies for bringing Integrative Health/Medicine 

to the organization.  

Step 2

Assess and locate the Integrative Health practitioners in your community to 

establish networking and collaborative relationships. This step will help build the 

business case for Integrative Health by providing background information on 

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) providers.

Step 3

Surveying the physician and nursing staff will be the second strategy that will be 

used for assessing the perceived knowledge, desire to learn more about CAM 

and the support to implement CAM therapies.  Once the information is gathered 

from the surveys and there is a better understanding about the current staff’s 

receptivity to the Integrative Healthcare Program.  The survey will provide more 

direction as to how to determine an appropriate scope for the initial projects. 

Step 4

Making the business case is an important step in this process.  A SWOT analysis 

will be necessary for researching the opportunities and threats to creating an 

Integrative Health/Medicine program.  Investigate and gather research studies 

that demonstrate the financial value and return on investment of IH at other 

healthcare organizations.  Identify themes such as Public Demand for IH, Health 

Care Trends, Patient Satisfaction, and Nursing Satisfaction.