Five Strategies for Creating a Successful Integrative Health/Integrative Medicine Program

Since 2002, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has been providing statistics demonstrating the increase of public spending for complementary alternative modalities.  Hospital systems are looking ways to incorporate Integrative Health/Integrative Medicine (IH/IM) in the outpatient setting as the focus in healthcare is shifted to managing population risk.  Healthcare leaders need to consider several strategies when launching a cost-effective, progressive, sustainable Integrative Health/Integrative Medicine outpatient models.  Successful models for Integrative Health/Integrative Medicine begin with smart strategies that include:


1.     Creating a Culture shift

2.     Expert Resources

3.     General Framework

4.     Models of Delivery

5.     Marketing


The size of the healthcare organization’s investment may vary based on volume of community members served, the size of the organization, and the available resources.  A large organizational system’s initial investment for an IH/IM Outpatient Program Model may begin with costs of $600,000 or more.  This factor will depend on if there is a designated facility infrastructure to accommodate the services being offered.