What is the problem?

In the past two decades, there has been an increase of Americans using healthcare approaches outside mainstream conventional medicine.  According to the national Center for complementary and integrative health, more than 30% adults and about 12% of children use complementary therapies.  Healthcare organizations are incentivized to provide excellent care to patients while enhancing the patient’s experience through a patient-centered approach.  

Hospitals are incorporating integrative and complementary therapies more frequently into patient care.  In the last national survey done by the American Hospital Association, more than 37% of hospitals are now offering CAM therapies alongside conventional services, up from 26.5% in 2005.  Despite this increase, the use of complementary therapies in the inpatient setting is still rare, especially in larger-sized medical centers.  The problem is that many healthcare organizations do not have the expertise available to create an integrative health model that uses complementary therapies.  Many complementary therapies are not reimbursed by insurance creating challenges for many healthcare administrators.

What is the Solution?

IIIHI  provides the strategic plan and framework for a turn-key integrative healthcare model for small medium and large healthcare organizations.  The Integrative Health strategic plan can be tailored to the inpatient setting or the outpatient setting.

The solution is a customized approach for creating a sustainable, inpatient or outpatient Integrative Healthcare Model with measurable performance and quality outcomes.  

Steps toward solving the problem

1. Establish strategies for organizational readiness 

2. Identify potential collaboration and networking possibilities within the 

organization and in the community 

3. Market Differentiation

4. Establishing and engaging stakeholders

5. Determine framework for integrating Integrative Health therapies

6. Establish Strategies for moving Organization as a Healing Environment

a. Create Integrative Health Advisory Team

The international Integrative Health Institute has a proven track-record for creating one of the largest functional Integrative Health departments in the nation. Over 30,000 inpatient Integrative Nursing consults were made from 2009 through 2014 with outcome measurements and performance metrics reported to leadership.  The large Pet Therapy program made visits to many inpatient and outpatient areas and consisted of 108 human volunteers and 100 dog volunteers.  Music Therapy consults were offered to patients in the clinical settings and was feature nationally in FOX news. A financially successful outpatient Integrative Health Care Model began in 2013 with over 300 memberships that offered Yoga, Tai Chi, Massage Therapies, and Acupuncture.  Educational offerings for Self-Care were developed for the public and staff for 2-4 hours once a week, 52 weeks a year.  National conferences were created with speakers such as:

Andrew Weil, MD, Dean 

Ornish, MD, Larry Dossey,

MD,  Ralph Synderman,

MD.,, Jean Watson, PhD, RN, 

Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN,

Janet Quinn, PhD RN,

Patch Adams, MD;  

IN collaboration with the Mountain Area Health Education Setting. 

Many hospital organizations struggle when incorporating Integrative Health Therapies into the clinical settings due to various reasons.  For example, in North Carolina there are very few hospitals that have successful well integration of Integrative Therapies into their clinical settings because of the lack of expertise in Integrative Health (IH) leadership, education of evidence-based Complementary Alternative Medicine modalities, strategic IH models and IH process development for documentation, outcome measures, and performance metrics. 

Our price structure is hourly by project. Pricing will depend on the scope of the project, the size of the hospital, resources, and labor required throughout the process of developing the Integrative Health care program. 

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